Paige & Alex - St. Louis Engagement

Last weekend, Tom and I had the privilege and opportunity to meet Paige & Alex down in St. Louis. First we met up for drinks then followed them to our shooting location - their new home they are building. Their new house is literally in the backyard of the house they are currently renting.

I absolutely fell in love with this idea for the location. The symbolism here almost makes me tear up. Watching them walk out of their current house, drive over and walk into their new, unfinished home made me realize this:

When we get engaged, we are in a state of safety. We have security in our own routines, habits and patterns. Just like there is security in living in a previously built home.

But once we are married and living with someone else, plans and routines are rocky. Patterns and feeling secure might feel like you’re living in an unfinished house.

But as the house becomes finished, so does your relationship - or at least that’s what it’s working towards. I don’t ever believe a relationship will be 100% “finished”. There will always be discussions and situations that bring out new opinions and feelings. Just like a house is forever changing with the number of people or animals living in it, people it serves and experience’s it holds.

I think that it is so special for Paige & Alex to have these photos of themselves in their unfinished home. Before the vows and wedding photos. Before the kiddos or doggos. Before time passes them by.

To remember the state they are in now - newly engaged & 110% excited for life together.

Thank you Wedding Pioneer St. Louis for always directing the raddest couples to us!