Katelyn & Garth - Married

Sharing a few of my favorite frames from Katelyn & Garth's wedding a couple weekends ago. Their wedding was a small intimate, family oriented occasion in downtown Springfield. I love when I have couples that are from the town I'm living in and the venue is a few minutes from my house. Travel is amazing, but I love when I can devote my entire day to my couples & still maintain self care with a home-brewed cup of coffee in the morning. 

When I first met Katelyn & Garth, we instantly bonded over animals, specifically Dauschunds. I grew up with them and Katelyn has a dauschund named Bambi. From there, we got to know each other over coffee dates & really bonded. Getting to know my couples before the wedding day is very important to me. They become my friends & that makes documenting the most important day of their lives so enjoyable. 

When Katelyn and I were waiting at the salon for her name to be called, we talked about all the details of the wedding. You could see her excitement in her eyes. When referring to her hair, she said "I didn't want to be traditional". Those words were music to my ears.

I LOOOOVE non-traditional brides. Getting married in a field or on top of a mountain? I'm your girl. Having a first look or getting ready with your groom? Pick me. Only wanting a 6-hour intimate wedding? I've got you covered. 

Garth's wedding vows also included quotes from The Office, so there's that & that makes this my most favorite wedding to date. 

Enjoy these precious moments :) 

Klos Wedding-61.jpg
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