Samantha & Alex

A month ago we shot Samantha and Alex's engagement session in downtown Springfield and at Lincoln Memorial Gardens. If I could describe the photoshoot in one sentence it would be, "Do it for the picture".

We started the photoshoot in a random alley and in front of a random, old, abandoned wear house, where I made them run towards my camera only 50 times. From there, we took it to the next level. That is, next level in my photography career. We brought along smoke bombs, which are actually quite terrifying in the fact that you can feel the spark on your hand. Alex, being a cop, was the perfect candidate to hold them (insert hair flip emoji). Then these two daredevils stepped into Lake Springfield when it was 34* outside. Who knows how cold that water was. 

But like I said, they did it for the picture. When they got out of the water, I asked Alex if it was worse than he expected and he answered so quickly, "Yes, that sucked". HAHA

(Samantha, I hope you're thinking it was worth it.) 

These two are some of my favorites. So easy and go-with-the-flow, yet also very prepared and make my job so easy. I am soooo excited to shoot their December wedding here in Springfield! 

Take a peek at their love story. 

"There are not enough words in the world to describe how amazing Samantha is. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is the most caring person I have ever met. She has the sweetest voice I have ever heard. Her smile melts my heart. She is amazing in every single way. I feel more love from Samantha in one minute than I have felt in the rest of my life combined. She is my best friend and she is the love of my life. Marrying Samantha is the most obvious and easiest decision I have ever made. She truly is perfect."

- Alex

"Loving and being loved by Alex is like the feeling right after you sneeze. Does that sound weird haha! He makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, even after I’ve been working in the yard or sweating my booty off at the gym. He has this way of always making me feel at home, even when we are 300 miles from our front door. He is my family and the other half I never knew I was missing but once he came in my life I knew I couldn’t ever go back to a time without him holding my hand. Being loved by such an amazing man cannot be accurately described in words, only felt. Honesty, Love doesn’t even begin to describe what we have, it is so much more."

- Samantha