Buzz Bomb Brewing Company

Have you heard all the buzz around town? There's a new brewery in town and I'm gonna go ahead and tell you it's the bomb! Buzz Bomb Brewing Company is located on 406 E Adams Street, downtown Springfield. It's location on the corner adds a nice touch to the downtown atmosphere. I personally cannot wait till warm weather comes and Buzz Bomb's garage door is open during the farmer's market on Saturday mornings. Shopping for the girls, beer for the guys. 

Not only does Buzz Bomb add to the downtown atmosphere, inside has a good feel to it as well. First of all, there's a garage door. How freaking cool! Add's some interior design flare to the place, along with more standing room when weather's nice.

Second, the first level has the best lighting on the wall and over the bar. I'm going to guilt my husband into making me a standing light just like the ones on Buzz Bomb's wall.

Third, the second level has another bar, along with tons of seating to drink, socialize, play games, and make bets on who's the DD. Whether you feel like standing, sitting, chatting, or discussing deep topics, Buzz Bomb can accommodate for all of the above. 

Buzz Bomb owner, Bill Larson states that he started brewing 9 years ago and 5 years later, "it became a passion". Once his wife approved of the idea on opening a brewery downtown Springfield, "it was on". Bill says that the biggest mind blowing thing out of this whole experience is the regular customers; "It's mind boggling." 

Did you know that 40% of Buzz Bomb's beer has honey in it? That's where Bill says the name oringinated. Not only is the name a play-on word with "buzz" and "bomb" combined, referring to the good feeling alcohol gives us, but Bill and the other owners/helpers/assistants are a bunch of punk rock guys who love Buzzbomb from Pasadena- Dead Kennedy's. 

Buzz Bomb's IPA, Cream Ale and Bar Fight Brown Ale all have natural honey as an ingredient. Bill and the owners are currently brewing with Orange Blossom honey and Killer Bee honey, which they are unfortunately unable to find locally, however are looking to move forward with local honey throughout Illinois. "I prefer to use local honey, to keep our money going out locally"- Bill. 

When I asked Bill what his favorite beer was, he replied "All of them. The one that I keg that day". If he had to pick, which I made him pick because I'm a black or white person, he said Whit which is made with orange blossom honey and basil, however is not on tap and won't be for a while. 

Bill had nothing but great things to say about being a business owner in Springfield. He gave a hug shoutout to Cafe Moxo for providing food and coffee to Bill and the workers during construction. Bill began to express such passion towards being a downtown Springfield business owner. "I believe in revitalizing downtown to where it was 30 years ago." Bill also mentioned Hair of The Dog and Fashion Trunk "that will change downtown's landscape". 

Not only does this place have freaking awesome beer, but the vibes are soooo good, the ingredients are natural and soon-to-be local and the owners pursue putting the shine back on downtown Springfield. 

Welcome to downtown Springfield, Buzz Bomb Brewing Company! Save me a seat at the bar. 

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 Owner Curt Armstrong

Owner Curt Armstrong

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 Owner Benjie Gines- not pictured Renee Gines

Owner Benjie Gines- not pictured Renee Gines

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 Owners Bill & Ann Larson

Owners Bill & Ann Larson

 Owners Josh and Beth Flanders

Owners Josh and Beth Flanders

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