Mitch & Jordan - Lake Sara

This is my first official year being a portrait and wedding photographer, however I have heard and read of the boring stories told referring to "the off-season". I have yet to shoot my first wedding (but come May and that'll change!!) so when I refer to the off-season, I'm talking about snowy, cold, rainy, Winter weather. Ain't nobody got tiiiiime for dat. So, that's why this past weekend I advertised for a free photoshoot just to get my creative juices flowing again. And boooy, they got them flowing! (Idk why I'm talking like this, but let's just go with it.)

Jordan volunteered for the job. 

I first met Mitch when he was dating my sister back in high school. Not awkward at all, SERIOUSLY! Life happens for a reason and the people we meet in our lives have a purpose. I finally got to officially meet Jordan at the photoshoot and let me say, Mitch & Jordan are such a beautiful, lively couple! 

Jordan and I have been so eager to work together. If I could name one person to uplift my artistic soul, it's her. Not to mention, she's freaking gorgeous and would look good in front of any camera. 

We shot out at Jordan's cousin's lake house. There's something about photographing near water that makes me so excited inside and leave with a photographer's high. It was so quiet, peaceful and cold! But they were troopers. Mitch said "I've just learned to smile when taking pictures with women". AMEN! Lol. Boys- take notes. 

Totally looking forward to future sessions with these two ;) Enjoy these photos!




mitch & jordan.jpg
mitch & jordan-3.jpg
mitch & jordan-4.jpg
Told ya, GORGEOUS!

Told ya, GORGEOUS!

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mitch & jordan-12.jpg
Double exposures are my absolute faaaaav 

Double exposures are my absolute faaaaav 

mitch & jordan-17.jpg
Probably my top pick!

Probably my top pick!

So classy 

So classy 

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