It’s that time of year again. The time of year where people create New Year’s resolutions. If you’re into the health and fitness world, this is the time of year where you see an influx at the gym. That’s the most commonly known resolution. But there are other resolutions and goals I think it’s important to make and be intentional about. This blog post is a personal one. I’ll be sharing my 2018 goals I wrote down almost a year ago. I’m also going to be vulnerable and share my 2019 goals with you. I want to share my 2019 goals with y’all to keep me accountable, to encourage me to crush them & to give you an opportunity to help me achieve them! Are you ready? Okay, here we go!

2018 GOALS:

  • photograph 6 Blue Willow weddings

  • set up Blue Willow Pinterest

  • Visit Maine in October

  • photograph a couple in Phoenix

  • have a blog/insta account feature me

  • fly my dad up to visit

  • buy another body & camera lens

  • buy a Mac

  • get employee of the month

  • buy business cards

  • create my own office

  • create my own studio

  • do yoga once a week

xmas tree farm_.jpg

How many of these goals do you think I completed? Answer is 7/13. Now can you guess which ones? I’ll be nice and tell you already.

This year (my first year of photographing weddings) I photographed 7 Blue Willow weddings. I also second photographed a couple. WIN!

I set up Pinterest for Blue Willow, thanks to the amazing Jenna Kutcher for all of her free education.

I was able to photograph not one, but three couples in Phoenix. So amazing & definitely one of my favorite places ever.

My work was featured on www.weddingpioneer.com this year & I humbly became part of their featured photographers for the St. Louis market. So honoring to have been chosen among so many other amazing creatives.

This year came with so much financial freedom that granted me to buy a new camera body, another camera lens and my first Mac. Living the dream!

It also allowed me to create and purchase Blue Willow Photography business cards. But you know what? I forgot to include my freeeeaking website. Amateur for sure. Keeping it real ya’ll.

Instead of Maine, we visited Utah and Idaho this October. Maine is still on the bucket list!

xmas tree farm_-9.jpg

2019 GOALS:

  • photograph 15 Blue Willow weddings

  • reach MB with Monat

  • read four books

  • work with my husband on 4 Blue Willow weddings

  • yoga once a week

  • visit Maine in October

  • fly my dad up to visit

  • photograph a backyard wedding

  • photograph a West coast wedding

  • photograph an East coast wedding

Some of my goals I didn’t achieve this year carried over to 2019. I think that is totally okay to keep making the same goals. Always strive for excellence and push yourself to reach your dreams and goals.

What are some of your 2019 goals? I feel that it’s so important to have accountability with one another. I want to encourage you and help you achieve your goals & I’d appreciate the same!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and dreams. Thank you to each and every one of my clients who helped me achieve some of my 2018 goals.