Eric & Chelsa | Ballard Nature Center

This past weekend, we shot Eric & Chelsa's engagement photos in Altamont, IL. Their wedding is in June & I'm so excited to be their photographer. They are my first couple to book me for their wedding- what an honor. The wedding will be held at St Aloysius Catholic (Bishop) Church in Dieterich, IL. A popular place to have a ceremony and reception near Effingham, IL- many sacred vows spoken there. 

Chelsa has one of the sweetest, southern bell voices you have ever heard. Not only does she have a sweet sound to her voice, she has a sweet heart to match it. Can't forget about her sweet fiancĂ© alongside her. This was my first time getting to know Eric. His brother is a friend of mine from high school, who actually referred them to me. (Thanks Kevin!) 

I would suggest popping champaign at every engagement session. Totally gets the couple out of their comfort zone, relaxes them, and gives everyone something to sip on throughout the session.

Because getting married is worth the celebration.  

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