The Rogers at Hidden Springs

Family sessions this season have been more than I expected. I am overwhelmed by the responses I have received and opportunities to meet new people. This season is one of my favorites. I have loved sharing every moment with you Blue Willow families out there. I recently had the opportunity to take my sister-in-law's family photos. 

Ara is the only grandchild so far on Tom's side of the family. She is one special girl. Loves demanding what songs for Alexa to play, mostly The Hot Dog Song. And if you're near, you best believe you're moving your booty as well. We might have had a break dance session during the photoshoot to avoid tears. Let me paint this picture for you; no phone service, therefore everyone singing a cappella, off beat, multiple tones, with Ara blantantly staring at us. Success. 

Ara is close to my heart because we share the same obsession for Obi. I brought him along for the session, however I didn't release the news of the special guest to Ara until the end of the session. He came full force from the trunk of my car to greet Ara. She wasn't having it, so their mini photoshoot had to wait until grandma and grandpa's. Her parents tell us she will occasionally walk around their home saying "Obi, Obi, Obi". Next thing we know is she's on FaceTime wanting to chat with Obi. 

The mommy/daddy photos Kendra and Zach have with Ara are my favorite. Precious memories to share for years to come. To bring out when Ara brings her first lover home. To bring out at high school and college graduation. To bring out the day of her wedding day. 

This is a special month for Kendra and Zach. We are reminded of their first meeting at a Halloween party in college. If I remember correctly, Zach was dressed up as a banana. Maybe we can have a reenactment this season. 

Go ahead and enjoy these images captured. 

PS: Shoutout to Aunt BB for mastering the snacks and keeping the little girl smiling. 

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