Darling Demmie

Last week I posted on Instagram that I needed a model to try some double exposure on my camera. Demmie thankfully replied. Demmie and I met when I waitressed at TGI Friday's throughout college. It was so nice catching up with an old co-worker and friend, even though we dodged the rain. I wanted to share some portraits with you from our adventure.

As my business evolves and I change as a person, I am beginning to shoot more couples these days. However, I still have a love for portraits of seniors and families. That being said- 

SENIORS (high school or college): I still have some Spring dates available for your senior portraits. Let's meet up for coffee or tea and discuss your vision for the session. You pick the shooting location, outfits (2) and vibe you want to create. I am here to fulfill your vision for your future. 

Hope you enjoy these portraits of beautiful, red-headed Demmie. 




Meg & Zack- Downtown Springfield, IL

I have been so excited to blog this engagement session that took place downtown Springfield, IL! Springfield has grown on Tom and I so much since we moved here a year and a half ago. We have such a great community of friends through Hope Church and both of our jobs. I fall in love with downtown more every time we take a visit for dinner (that's saying a lot coming home a "no neighbor- living in the country" kinda girl). I am a true believer in putting your money and time back into the town you live in because if you don't, who will take care of your town? 

I first met Meg working at MMC on the neuro floor. I remember hearing this loud, pitchy voice, then seeing this tiny little body. "I am small but mighty". :) 

She is the one of the sweetest people I know! I know for a fact that if I needed to stay at her house, eat her food or need her advice, she'd be there. Hopefully Zack wouldn't mind me kicking it on the couch. (don't worry, I don't plan on leaving Tom EVER)

I loved the idea of Meg and Zack documenting their love throughout downtown Springfield. This town has such beautiful structure and Abe is ever so romantic. :) Hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I did! 



M&Z Engagement-3.jpg
Sweet little Dana Thomas House

Sweet little Dana Thomas House

M&Z Engagement-7.jpg
M&Z Engagement-10.jpg
The Old Vinegar Hill 

The Old Vinegar Hill 

M&Z Engagement-23.jpg
M&Z Engagement-29.jpg
The State Capitol

The State Capitol

What's up Abe?!

What's up Abe?!

M&Z Engagement-45.jpg
M&Z Engagement-47.jpg
Near Lincoln's Home

Near Lincoln's Home

M&Z Engagement-57.jpg
M&Z Engagement-58.jpg
M&Z Engagement-64.jpg
M&Z Engagement-72.jpg
The Old State Capitol

The Old State Capitol

M&Z Engagement-78.jpg
M&Z Engagement-79.jpg
M&Z Engagement-91.jpg

Styled Bridal Photoshoot

The day I have been waiting for with high anticipation finally arrived this past Saturday. The day of my styled bridal shoot graciously sponsored by Candice's Bridal in Springfield, IL. 

The models chosen are some of Tom and I's best friends, Dave and Amanda. We met them through Hope Church youth group. They were the perfect couple for the job due to being engaged and setting a date for May 2018. The fire and passion came easy to them, even kept all of us warm throughout the shoot. 

Another special part of the photoshoot is the fur coat Amanda wore. The coat was my Grandmother Ann's. She is the reason behind the name of Blue Willow Photography (more detail in my About section). Took a special woman to wear a special representation of my family. 

We were extremely blessed with the weather on Saturday, couldn't have asked for a better day. 

If you are a recently engaged bride and looking for a photographer for your special day, contact me through here, on my website. I'd love to see if we're a good fit and hear about all your excitement. 

Now booking 2018 weddings/engagement sessions. 

Styled Shoot_.jpg
Styled Shoot_-2.jpg
Styled Shoot_-3.jpg
Styled Shoot_-4.jpg
Styled Shoot_-7.jpg
Styled Shoot_-10.jpg
Styled Shoot_-12.jpg
Styled Shoot_-14.jpg
Styled Shoot_-18.jpg
Styled Shoot_-21.jpg
Styled Shoot_-22.jpg
Styled Shoot_-23.jpg
Styled Shoot_-27.jpg
Styled Shoot_-28.jpg
Styled Shoot_-29.jpg
Styled Shoot_-32.jpg
Styled Shoot_-35.jpg
Styled Shoot_-38.jpg
Styled Shoot_-41.jpg
Styled Shoot_-42.jpg
Styled Shoot_-45.jpg
Styled Shoot_-46.jpg
Styled Shoot_-48.jpg
Styled Shoot_-51.jpg
Styled Shoot_-52.jpg
Styled Shoot_-56.jpg
Styled Shoot_-57.jpg
Styled Shoot_-58.jpg
Styled Shoot_-62.jpg
Styled Shoot_-66.jpg
Styled Shoot_-68.jpg
Styled Shoot_-70.jpg
Styled Shoot_-71.jpg
Styled Shoot_-73.jpg
Styled Shoot_-74.jpg
Styled Shoot_-76.jpg
Styled Shoot_-79.jpg
Styled Shoot_-81.jpg
Styled Shoot_-83.jpg
Styled Shoot_-86.jpg


Models: David Lee and Amanda Trancoso

Set up/design crew: Tom Shoaff and Rylee Mills 

Dress and veil: Candice's Bridal in Springfield, IL. 

Table decor: Joann Fabric and Crafts

Location: Lincoln Memorial Gardens


Eric & Chelsa | Ballard Nature Center

This past weekend, we shot Eric & Chelsa's engagement photos in Altamont, IL. Their wedding is in June & I'm so excited to be their photographer. They are my first couple to book me for their wedding- what an honor. The wedding will be held at St Aloysius Catholic (Bishop) Church in Dieterich, IL. A popular place to have a ceremony and reception near Effingham, IL- many sacred vows spoken there. 

Chelsa has one of the sweetest, southern bell voices you have ever heard. Not only does she have a sweet sound to her voice, she has a sweet heart to match it. Can't forget about her sweet fiancé alongside her. This was my first time getting to know Eric. His brother is a friend of mine from high school, who actually referred them to me. (Thanks Kevin!) 

I would suggest popping champaign at every engagement session. Totally gets the couple out of their comfort zone, relaxes them, and gives everyone something to sip on throughout the session.

Because getting married is worth the celebration.  

E + C-4.jpg
E + C-8.jpg
E + C-9.jpg
E + C-13.jpg
E + C-17.jpg
E + C.jpg
E + C-23.jpg
E + C-27.jpg
E + C-30.jpg
E + C-40.jpg
E + C-46.jpg
E + C-50.jpg
E + C-60.jpg
E + C-69.jpg
E + C-74.jpg
E + C-78.jpg
E + C-80.jpg
E + C-83.jpg

The Rogers at Hidden Springs

Family sessions this season have been more than I expected. I am overwhelmed by the responses I have received and opportunities to meet new people. This season is one of my favorites. I have loved sharing every moment with you Blue Willow families out there. I recently had the opportunity to take my sister-in-law's family photos. 

Ara is the only grandchild so far on Tom's side of the family. She is one special girl. Loves demanding what songs for Alexa to play, mostly The Hot Dog Song. And if you're near, you best believe you're moving your booty as well. We might have had a break dance session during the photoshoot to avoid tears. Let me paint this picture for you; no phone service, therefore everyone singing a cappella, off beat, multiple tones, with Ara blantantly staring at us. Success. 

Ara is close to my heart because we share the same obsession for Obi. I brought him along for the session, however I didn't release the news of the special guest to Ara until the end of the session. He came full force from the trunk of my car to greet Ara. She wasn't having it, so their mini photoshoot had to wait until grandma and grandpa's. Her parents tell us she will occasionally walk around their home saying "Obi, Obi, Obi". Next thing we know is she's on FaceTime wanting to chat with Obi. 

The mommy/daddy photos Kendra and Zach have with Ara are my favorite. Precious memories to share for years to come. To bring out when Ara brings her first lover home. To bring out at high school and college graduation. To bring out the day of her wedding day. 

This is a special month for Kendra and Zach. We are reminded of their first meeting at a Halloween party in college. If I remember correctly, Zach was dressed up as a banana. Maybe we can have a reenactment this season. 

Go ahead and enjoy these images captured. 

PS: Shoutout to Aunt BB for mastering the snacks and keeping the little girl smiling. 

The Rogers-5.jpg
The Rogers-6.jpg
The Rogers-9.jpg
The Rogers-11.jpg
The Rogers-14.jpg
The Rogers-17.jpg
The Rogers-20.jpg
The Rogers-36.jpg
The Rogers-43.jpg
The Rogers-39.jpg
The Rogers-55.jpg
The Rogers-56.jpg
The Rogers-61.jpg
The Rogers-59.jpg
The Rogers-63.jpg
The Rogers-65.jpg

Hank + Johanna

I recently had the pleasure of taking Hank, Johanna & Rudy's photos this past Saturday at Eckert's family farm in Belleville. Johanna and I met in high school youth group, while Hank and I met through mutual friends. When they exited their car with Rudy leading the way, my face lit up. He was such a precious baby and behaved so well throughout the session. 


This session is one of my top favorites. The apple orchard had such a natural & light feel for the session. My favorite shot is Hank leading Johanna down the strip of apples. If only there was a table and chairs at the top of one of the isles. 


Christmas trees are one of my favorite things, so naturally I couldn't wait until we traveled down the farm. I could have spent all evening within those trees. I recently told a potential client that I would be content with Christmas trees on my walls all year long. The lighting was absolutely perfect and provided the perfect glow


The session was ended the most perfect way, bringing these two love birds back to their roots with the Effingham feel. Golden light reflected off of an Indian Summer pond surrounded by whimsical wheat. The perfect dance floor. 


Can't wait for more sessions with these two. Only if they promise to bring Rudy along. 


Kuddos to the hubs for babysitting Rudy while Mom & Dad had some alone time.