Hank + Johanna - Urban & Rural Engagement

Last week I was honored to photograph Hank & Johanna's love for one another and they brought along a special guest. Rudy - their fur baby. I was able to have these three in front of my camera last fall (almost a year ago). I'm so thankful for the friendship we have built over the last year & how much I have learned with photography since then. 

Fur babies are always welcome at my photoshoots. I highly encourage it. I know my dog is part of me & I want my couples to be completely themselves. So bring the doggie! 

I am so excited for their wedding this coming May. Hank & Johanna are the type of people you can be completely yourself around. If they're laughing, they're laughing with you. They are encouraging and supporting of me as a person, an artist and of each other. We need more people like them. 

Their session was so easy. Because that's what their love is. Easy. It comes naturally for them, at least that's how I interpret their relationship. Congrats you two on your engagement! Can't wait to photograph your vows! 



H+J engaged.jpg
H+J engaged-7.jpg
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H+J engaged-24.jpg
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H+J engaged-51.jpg
 When you see your dog just simply existing. 

When you see your dog just simply existing. 

H+J engaged-58.jpg
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H+J engaged-70.jpg
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H+J engaged-204.jpg

Katelyn & Garth - Married

Sharing a few of my favorite frames from Katelyn & Garth's wedding a couple weekends ago. Their wedding was a small intimate, family oriented occasion in downtown Springfield. I love when I have couples that are from the town I'm living in and the venue is a few minutes from my house. Travel is amazing, but I love when I can devote my entire day to my couples & still maintain self care with a home-brewed cup of coffee in the morning. 

When I first met Katelyn & Garth, we instantly bonded over animals, specifically Dauschunds. I grew up with them and Katelyn has a dauschund named Bambi. From there, we got to know each other over coffee dates & really bonded. Getting to know my couples before the wedding day is very important to me. They become my friends & that makes documenting the most important day of their lives so enjoyable. 

When Katelyn and I were waiting at the salon for her name to be called, we talked about all the details of the wedding. You could see her excitement in her eyes. When referring to her hair, she said "I didn't want to be traditional". Those words were music to my ears.

I LOOOOVE non-traditional brides. Getting married in a field or on top of a mountain? I'm your girl. Having a first look or getting ready with your groom? Pick me. Only wanting a 6-hour intimate wedding? I've got you covered. 

Garth's wedding vows also included quotes from The Office, so there's that & that makes this my most favorite wedding to date. 

Enjoy these precious moments :) 

Klos Wedding-61.jpg
Klos Wedding-64.jpg
Klos Wedding-66.jpg
Klos Wedding-69.jpg
Klos Wedding-74.jpg
Klos Wedding-14.jpg
Klos Wedding-19.jpg
Klos Wedding-23.jpg
Klos Wedding-30.jpg
Klos Wedding-26.jpg
Klos Wedding-37.jpg
Klos Wedding-46.jpg
Klos Wedding-49.jpg
Klos Wedding-54.jpg
Klos Wedding-80.jpg
Klos Wedding-85.jpg
Klos Wedding-89.jpg
Klos Wedding-94.jpg
Klos Wedding-100.jpg
Klos Wedding-103.jpg
Klos Wedding-111.jpg
Klos Weddingg-2.jpg
Klos Weddingg-6.jpg
Klos Weddingg.jpg
Klos Wedding-115.jpg
Klos Wedding-153.jpg
Klos Wedding-155.jpg
Klos Weddingg-16.jpg
Klos Wedding-197.jpg
Klos Wedding-223.jpg
Klos Wedding-201.jpg
Klos Wedding-231.jpg
Klos Wedding-220.jpg
Klos Wedding-222.jpg
Klos Wedding-238.jpg
Klos Wedding-241.jpg
Klos Wedding-244.jpg
Klos Wedding-251.jpg
Klos Wedding-252.jpg
Klos Wedding-256.jpg
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Klos Wedding-277.jpg
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Klos Wedding-329.jpg
Klos Wedding-332.jpg
Klos Wedding-345.jpg
Klos Wedding-355.jpg
Klos Wedding-371.jpg
Klos Wedding-372.jpg
Klos Wedding-368.jpg

Diana & Steve - Maternity

There is something about a maternity session that makes my heart skip a beat. Maybe it's the excitement that radiates from the soon-to-be mom & dad. Maybe it's "the glow" you can see from the soon-to-be mama. Or maybe it's the simplicity of looking forward for the next chapter in life. 

Last week I offered sunflower mini sessions & Diana picked up on my offer. She told me she had been debating on getting maternity photos done, but once she saw my offer, they had made a decision. And I am so glad they decided to have photos taken. 

I believe every woman should capture moments of her first pregnancy, if not every pregnancy. I have not had the honor of experiencing my own pregnancy, but with my day job, I get to witness how quickly life goes by. 

There a special bond between a mama & her unborn baby that needs to be documented. To remember the flutter of movement; to remember the prayed-for moments; to remember your spouse's smile when the first ultrasound happened. 

Diana & Steve - Thank you so much for letting me capture these precious and desired moments of yours. I cannot wait to see your beautiful daughter in a few short weeks. Ya'll are going to be the best parents. :) 





Dave + Amanda // MARRIED

Wedding season has officially kicked off and I'm so excited to share my favorite images from this Memorial Day weekend wedding in Springfield, IL. 

If you have followed me since the end of 2017, then you would have seen Dave & Amanda model for my styled bridal photoshoot at Lincoln Memorial Gardens. They were naturals in front of my camera then and followed suit on their wedding day. 

Tom & I became friends with Dave & Amanda through Hope church. Some of those people you just connect with as if you've known them for years. 

I feel so honored and blessed to have captured their wedding day as a photographer and a friend; that I was able to witness Amanda reading Dave's letter, spy tears roll down her mother's face, and watch her dad kiss her before they walked down the isle together. 

Dave & Amanda - thank you so much for trusting me with THE most important day of your lives so far and allowing me into your hearts. I wish ya'll MANY years of happiness, laughs, adventure and tons of "spicy" moments. :) 


Wedding Coordinator: Carolyn Johnson - CP Events

Hair: Willow & Birch Hair Salon

Makeup: Sarah Wilks

Cake: Specialty Cakes

Bride's Dress: Elite Bridal in Champaign 

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Men's Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse

Caterer: Hamilton's Catering

Reception Hall: Erin's Pavilion



Lee Wedding Final-27.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-24.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-26.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-7.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-8.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-15.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-29.jpg
 Starting a GO FUND ME to help homegirl out with a new screen, LOL

Starting a GO FUND ME to help homegirl out with a new screen, LOL

Lee Wedding Final-23.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-12.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-32.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-34.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-38.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-42.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-47.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-49.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-54.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-93.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-96.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-75.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-85.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-100.jpg
Lee SS-9.jpg
Lee SS-8.jpg
Lee SS-7.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-104.jpg
Lee SS-43.jpg
Lee SS-45.jpg
Lee SS-72.jpg
Lee SS-73.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-127.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-124.jpg
Lee SSs-6.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-147.jpg
Lee SS-76.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-153.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-159.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-167.jpg
Lee SS-85.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-184.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-190.jpg
 When #meetmeinthemiddle (a.k.a. the Bride's song) comes on

When #meetmeinthemiddle (a.k.a. the Bride's song) comes on

Lee Wedding Final-197.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-178.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-200.jpg
 The Bride & Groom were big on "icing" people and successfully pulled off icing the bridal party during photos!

The Bride & Groom were big on "icing" people and successfully pulled off icing the bridal party during photos!

Lee Wedding Final-206.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-210.jpg
 Mr. Springfield & his Bride.

Mr. Springfield & his Bride.

Lee Wedding Final-227.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-229.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-236.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-239.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-250.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-255.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-257.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-259.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-365.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-362.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-363.jpg
Lee SS-100.jpg
Lee SS-87.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-304.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-306.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-290.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-293.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-295.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-296.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-302.jpg
Lee SS-93.jpg
Lee SS-95.jpg
Lee SSs-16.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-375.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-381.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-382.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-384.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-387.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-314.jpg
 The small details are my favorite. 

The small details are my favorite. 

Lee SS-98.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-337.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-345.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-353.jpg
 -Lay with me while our world stands still-

-Lay with me while our world stands still-

Lee Wedding Final-355.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-391.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-398.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-401.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-370.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-372.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-373.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-374.jpg
Lee Garder.jpg
Lee Garder-3.jpg
Lee Garder-5.jpg
 Remember how I said the Bride & Groom were big on "icing" people? Yep, the Bride successfully iced the Groom. 

Remember how I said the Bride & Groom were big on "icing" people? Yep, the Bride successfully iced the Groom. 

Lee Garder-10.jpg
Lee Garder-12.jpg
Lee Wedding Final-406.jpg

Samantha & Alex

A month ago we shot Samantha and Alex's engagement session in downtown Springfield and at Lincoln Memorial Gardens. If I could describe the photoshoot in one sentence it would be, "Do it for the picture".

We started the photoshoot in a random alley and in front of a random, old, abandoned wear house, where I made them run towards my camera only 50 times. From there, we took it to the next level. That is, next level in my photography career. We brought along smoke bombs, which are actually quite terrifying in the fact that you can feel the spark on your hand. Alex, being a cop, was the perfect candidate to hold them (insert hair flip emoji). Then these two daredevils stepped into Lake Springfield when it was 34* outside. Who knows how cold that water was. 

But like I said, they did it for the picture. When they got out of the water, I asked Alex if it was worse than he expected and he answered so quickly, "Yes, that sucked". HAHA

(Samantha, I hope you're thinking it was worth it.) 

These two are some of my favorites. So easy and go-with-the-flow, yet also very prepared and make my job so easy. I am soooo excited to shoot their December wedding here in Springfield! 

Take a peek at their love story. 

"There are not enough words in the world to describe how amazing Samantha is. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is the most caring person I have ever met. She has the sweetest voice I have ever heard. Her smile melts my heart. She is amazing in every single way. I feel more love from Samantha in one minute than I have felt in the rest of my life combined. She is my best friend and she is the love of my life. Marrying Samantha is the most obvious and easiest decision I have ever made. She truly is perfect."

- Alex

"Loving and being loved by Alex is like the feeling right after you sneeze. Does that sound weird haha! He makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, even after I’ve been working in the yard or sweating my booty off at the gym. He has this way of always making me feel at home, even when we are 300 miles from our front door. He is my family and the other half I never knew I was missing but once he came in my life I knew I couldn’t ever go back to a time without him holding my hand. Being loved by such an amazing man cannot be accurately described in words, only felt. Honesty, Love doesn’t even begin to describe what we have, it is so much more."

- Samantha




Michele & Luke

This engagement session for Michele and Luke was so nasty. The weather, that is. Rainy, snowy and cooooold. Not gonna lie, I was just a tad stressed to find indoor locations in Springfield to capture their love perfectly. I am so glad I found the locations I did. 

We started the day off with drinks at a local brewery, Obed and Isaac's downtown Springfield. If you follow me on social media, you know that is one of Tom and I's favorite places. I mean, our dog is named after that place. 

From there we began the photoshoot at a local botanical garden. This was my first time going there and had no idea what I would be walking in to. I had only heard of great things about the place. I freaking loved it and even told the front desk girl that I'd be back to read a book there. But it was too muggy for that. 

To keep the indoor feel going, we shot upstairs of Anvil & Forge's Brewing and Distilling downtown Springfield. The wear-house atmosphere was so cool and unique for Michele & Luke. Not to mention, the owners were so great for letting us upstairs! Can't wait for their business to open soon! 

During the shoot, Michele told me that her and Luke actually met in a plant molecular biology class in undergrad (too smart for me). That made my heart so freaking happy. To have captured their love and relationship in a garden when that is actually the symbol of their unity. 

Love is a crazy thang. And I love capturing it. And chasing it. 




Buzz Bomb Brewing Company

Have you heard all the buzz around town? There's a new brewery in town and I'm gonna go ahead and tell you it's the bomb! Buzz Bomb Brewing Company is located on 406 E Adams Street, downtown Springfield. It's location on the corner adds a nice touch to the downtown atmosphere. I personally cannot wait till warm weather comes and Buzz Bomb's garage door is open during the farmer's market on Saturday mornings. Shopping for the girls, beer for the guys. 

Not only does Buzz Bomb add to the downtown atmosphere, inside has a good feel to it as well. First of all, there's a garage door. How freaking cool! Add's some interior design flare to the place, along with more standing room when weather's nice.

Second, the first level has the best lighting on the wall and over the bar. I'm going to guilt my husband into making me a standing light just like the ones on Buzz Bomb's wall.

Third, the second level has another bar, along with tons of seating to drink, socialize, play games, and make bets on who's the DD. Whether you feel like standing, sitting, chatting, or discussing deep topics, Buzz Bomb can accommodate for all of the above. 

Buzz Bomb owner, Bill Larson states that he started brewing 9 years ago and 5 years later, "it became a passion". Once his wife approved of the idea on opening a brewery downtown Springfield, "it was on". Bill says that the biggest mind blowing thing out of this whole experience is the regular customers; "It's mind boggling." 

Did you know that 40% of Buzz Bomb's beer has honey in it? That's where Bill says the name oringinated. Not only is the name a play-on word with "buzz" and "bomb" combined, referring to the good feeling alcohol gives us, but Bill and the other owners/helpers/assistants are a bunch of punk rock guys who love Buzzbomb from Pasadena- Dead Kennedy's. 

Buzz Bomb's IPA, Cream Ale and Bar Fight Brown Ale all have natural honey as an ingredient. Bill and the owners are currently brewing with Orange Blossom honey and Killer Bee honey, which they are unfortunately unable to find locally, however are looking to move forward with local honey throughout Illinois. "I prefer to use local honey, to keep our money going out locally"- Bill. 

When I asked Bill what his favorite beer was, he replied "All of them. The one that I keg that day". If he had to pick, which I made him pick because I'm a black or white person, he said Whit which is made with orange blossom honey and basil, however is not on tap and won't be for a while. 

Bill had nothing but great things to say about being a business owner in Springfield. He gave a hug shoutout to Cafe Moxo for providing food and coffee to Bill and the workers during construction. Bill began to express such passion towards being a downtown Springfield business owner. "I believe in revitalizing downtown to where it was 30 years ago." Bill also mentioned Hair of The Dog and Fashion Trunk "that will change downtown's landscape". 

Not only does this place have freaking awesome beer, but the vibes are soooo good, the ingredients are natural and soon-to-be local and the owners pursue putting the shine back on downtown Springfield. 

Welcome to downtown Springfield, Buzz Bomb Brewing Company! Save me a seat at the bar. 

buzz bomb-2.jpg
buzz bomb-3.jpg
buzz bomb-4.jpg
buzz bomb-6.jpg
buzz bomb-23.jpg
buzz bomb-17.jpg
buzz bomb-45.jpg
buzz bomb-46.jpg
buzz bomb-48.jpg
buzz bomb-15.jpg
buzz bomb-20.jpg
buzz bomb-52.jpg
buzz bomb-54.jpg
 Owner Curt Armstrong

Owner Curt Armstrong

buzz bomb-7.jpg
buzz bomb-8.jpg
buzz bomb-29.jpg
buzz bomb-9.jpg
buzz bomb-30.jpg
buzz bomb-10.jpg
buzz bomb-33.jpg
buzz bomb-28.jpg
 Owner Benjie Gines- not pictured Renee Gines

Owner Benjie Gines- not pictured Renee Gines

buzz bomb-35.jpg
buzz bomb-26.jpg
buzz bomb-16.jpg
 Owners Bill & Ann Larson

Owners Bill & Ann Larson

 Owners Josh and Beth Flanders

Owners Josh and Beth Flanders

buzz bomb-24.jpg
buzz bomb-51.jpg
buzz bomb-49.jpg

My Health Journey

Today I am sharing with you something very personal. The purpose of this post is for me to be just as transparent as I expect my clients to be with me. My clients are not strangers. They are real people with real feelings and real hearts; and my job is to capture all of those emotions. So, I figured it's time for my clients to get to know something about me. 

It was our last semester of the Physical Therapist Assistant program when I started to experience burning, cramping, aching abdominal pain. My primary care physician diagnosed me with an "ulcer" due to my symptoms and started me on Prilosec (an acid reducer medication). They say ulcers are caused from stress and caffeine overload, which was totally my case with finishing an intense program. So, that's what I thought it was and believed I would be cured.

Not the case.

Tom and I got married August of 2016. When we returned from our honeymoon, we put our vows to test with two ER visits before December. Tom got the flu in November and was violently ill with vomiting and dehydration. Not too long after that, it was my turn to have "the ER experience". I specifically remember the day. It was a Saturday because I was supposed to work; I woke up at 2am with severe stomach cramping- sharp, stabbing pain with burning and aching symptoms. I was in fetal position on the bathroom floor screaming. No matter what I tried, the pain would not go away. I knew if we went to the ER, they would at least give me pain meds, so that was our plan. What I did not know was that I would be discharged without any scans and a diagnosis of "ulcers". Only funny part about this experience was when the Morphine and Ativan hit me. Tom had to help me sit up in bed because I was so knocked out. You could say it helped my pain a tad. 

From then on I continued to experience the same symptoms pretty much EVERY DAY. I visited a new primary care physician in Springfield MULTIPLE times with new medications and no relief. They finally ordered an abdominal x-ray. It was negative. Then they ordered at CT scan. It was negative. I was then referred to a GI specialist. He performed an upper GI scope (EGD) on me and it was negative. Sooooo he gave me new medication, which I'm not taking because IT WAS $400!! 

In the mean time, I'm missing so much work. Calling in and leaving early because I couldn't even stand up. Also not very fun when your boss tells you you're out of days to miss. 

I then turned my world upside down. A co-worker recommended me to try a Paleo diet. She was listening to For The Love with Jen Hatmaker podcast when Danielle Walker with Against All Grain was featured. Danielle was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when she was 22 years old and experienced most of my symptoms, but worse. Basically her body was rejecting all sorts of nutrition and causing her to lose weight and her hair. I connected with her story because I am now 22 years old and recently married, as she was. I ordered her cookbooks and dived right into this new lifestyle. 

Paleo is a diet that does not include dairy, wheat, grains, or gluten. So what the heck do you eat you might ask? Air and water. LOL NO JUST KIDDING!

What I love about the Against All Grain cookbooks are how easy it is. Danielle tells you exactly where she orders her foods from and how to substitute the right ingredients. I'd say I did true Paleo for 2/3 months, with occasional "bad" ingredients to test my body. Let me tell you, it was hard. But I couldn't have done it without Tom. Seriously. There would be nights when I didn't feel like cooking and making real food due to fatigue or depression. Then I'd hear pots and pans start clinking in the kitchen with my sweet husband serving me chicken and vegetables. 

Before this journey began, when I thought of depression, I always thought it was fake. But I'm here to tell you depression is a real thing. I NEVER thought the words "I'm depressed" would come out of Hannah Shoaff's lips. But they did. A lot. I was depressed from going through pain for a year and a half. I was depressed for having to literally cook in order to eat. Couldn't just eat a frozen pizza to say I made dinner. I was depressed for losing faith in the medical system. 

But by the grace of sweet Jesus, and only His grace, am I now able to say that I no longer have daily pain or daily black holes of depression. I want to share today the things that kept me going. 

1- JESUS!!!!!

2- My sweet husband Tom Shoaff.

3- This always faithful puppy, Obi.

4- Good, true friends who supported my diet, feelings and needs.

5. The great outdoors.

6. Staying active. Yoga. Biking. Walking. 

7. Rest.

8. My mother and mother-in-law for making me special Paleo meals on holidays. (yeah did I mention I went through this at Thanksgiving and Christmas- freaking hard). 

To answer your question, no I am not Paleo still. But I kept the habits I learned. I do not eat gluten or wheat for the most part. Every now and then I cheat. I'm a sweets girl, so it's still hard. I choose Almond milk anytime I can. I incorporate grains and rice into my meals and have felt pretty good so far. Not only did this diet affect me, it affected Tom as well. He'll say he feels better when he doesn't eat gluten or wheat. I can't tell you the last time we had a loaf of bread in this house. 

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my journey. Like I said, this is for my clients and followers to get to know Hannah Shoaff just a tad better. And to help anyone out there experiencing these symptoms know they're not alone. After all the doctor visits and testing, we still don't know what caused my pain in the first place. For me, it's a day-to-day effort to watch what I'm putting in my body, trying my best to keep a stress-free life, and staying in constant prayer for my health. 



health blog.jpg
 I am a total drink girl. Always feel better if I have something pretty to sip on. I ditched the soda and will instead grab a La Croix, Bolthouse smootie or Kombucha out of the fridge. 

I am a total drink girl. Always feel better if I have something pretty to sip on. I ditched the soda and will instead grab a La Croix, Bolthouse smootie or Kombucha out of the fridge. 

 Danielle Walker's  Against All Grain  cookbooks are my fav! So easy and so many favorites, as you can tell with my bookmarks. Her Celebrations cookbook gives every holiday an easy, healthy option. 

Danielle Walker's Against All Grain cookbooks are my fav! So easy and so many favorites, as you can tell with my bookmarks. Her Celebrations cookbook gives every holiday an easy, healthy option. 

 One of the easiest, on the go, meals for me to make is a lettuce, spinach and kale salad. Ditched the croutons and substituted sea salted almonds. I loooove green olives- could eat the whole jar. Add some avocado and black berries with an olive oil/vinaigrette salad dressing. For some extra protein, add chicken strips!

One of the easiest, on the go, meals for me to make is a lettuce, spinach and kale salad. Ditched the croutons and substituted sea salted almonds. I loooove green olives- could eat the whole jar. Add some avocado and black berries with an olive oil/vinaigrette salad dressing. For some extra protein, add chicken strips!

health blog-9.jpg
health blog-10.jpg
 All of these ingredients can be found at  Aldi's . 

All of these ingredients can be found at Aldi's

health blog-5.jpg
 To keep sane throughout this stressful journey, fitness was very important for me. I started yoga for a stress reliever and have been very pleased with the results. I'd find myself just sitting outside, listening to nature, and talking God's ear off. 

To keep sane throughout this stressful journey, fitness was very important for me. I started yoga for a stress reliever and have been very pleased with the results. I'd find myself just sitting outside, listening to nature, and talking God's ear off. 

 This man. Right here. Is a god-send. I can't imagine going through this journey without him. Between making meals or doing the dishes, he portrays such a servant's heart. He inspires me to be more like Jesus daily. 

This man. Right here. Is a god-send. I can't imagine going through this journey without him. Between making meals or doing the dishes, he portrays such a servant's heart. He inspires me to be more like Jesus daily. 

health blog-7.jpg
 OBI DOBIE!!! My child. His middle names are loyal, faithful, silly, attentive, concerning, adventurous, and special. He played such a big part in this journey. Whether it was being a comforting friend late at night or encouragement for fresh air.

OBI DOBIE!!! My child. His middle names are loyal, faithful, silly, attentive, concerning, adventurous, and special. He played such a big part in this journey. Whether it was being a comforting friend late at night or encouragement for fresh air.

Mitch & Jordan - Lake Sara

This is my first official year being a portrait and wedding photographer, however I have heard and read of the boring stories told referring to "the off-season". I have yet to shoot my first wedding (but come May and that'll change!!) so when I refer to the off-season, I'm talking about snowy, cold, rainy, Winter weather. Ain't nobody got tiiiiime for dat. So, that's why this past weekend I advertised for a free photoshoot just to get my creative juices flowing again. And boooy, they got them flowing! (Idk why I'm talking like this, but let's just go with it.)

Jordan volunteered for the job. 

I first met Mitch when he was dating my sister back in high school. Not awkward at all, SERIOUSLY! Life happens for a reason and the people we meet in our lives have a purpose. I finally got to officially meet Jordan at the photoshoot and let me say, Mitch & Jordan are such a beautiful, lively couple! 

Jordan and I have been so eager to work together. If I could name one person to uplift my artistic soul, it's her. Not to mention, she's freaking gorgeous and would look good in front of any camera. 

We shot out at Jordan's cousin's lake house. There's something about photographing near water that makes me so excited inside and leave with a photographer's high. It was so quiet, peaceful and cold! But they were troopers. Mitch said "I've just learned to smile when taking pictures with women". AMEN! Lol. Boys- take notes. 

Totally looking forward to future sessions with these two ;) Enjoy these photos!




mitch & jordan.jpg
mitch & jordan-3.jpg
mitch & jordan-4.jpg
 Told ya, GORGEOUS!

Told ya, GORGEOUS!

mitch & jordan-9.jpg
mitch & jordan-12.jpg
 Double exposures are my absolute faaaaav 

Double exposures are my absolute faaaaav 

mitch & jordan-17.jpg
 Probably my top pick!

Probably my top pick!

 So classy 

So classy 

mitch & jordan-23.jpg
mitch & jordan-27.jpg
mitch & jordan-29.jpg
mitch & jordan-31.jpg
mitch & jordan-36.jpg
mitch & jordan-41.jpg
mitch & jordan-42.jpg
mitch & jordan-44.jpg

Darling Demmie

Last week I posted on Instagram that I needed a model to try some double exposure on my camera. Demmie thankfully replied. Demmie and I met when I waitressed at TGI Friday's throughout college. It was so nice catching up with an old co-worker and friend, even though we dodged the rain. I wanted to share some portraits with you from our adventure.

As my business evolves and I change as a person, I am beginning to shoot more couples these days. However, I still have a love for portraits of seniors and families. That being said- 

SENIORS (high school or college): I still have some Spring dates available for your senior portraits. Let's meet up for coffee or tea and discuss your vision for the session. You pick the shooting location, outfits (2) and vibe you want to create. I am here to fulfill your vision for your future. 

Hope you enjoy these portraits of beautiful, red-headed Demmie. 




Meg & Zack- Downtown Springfield, IL

I have been so excited to blog this engagement session that took place downtown Springfield, IL! Springfield has grown on Tom and I so much since we moved here a year and a half ago. We have such a great community of friends through Hope Church and both of our jobs. I fall in love with downtown more every time we take a visit for dinner (that's saying a lot coming home a "no neighbor- living in the country" kinda girl). I am a true believer in putting your money and time back into the town you live in because if you don't, who will take care of your town? 

I first met Meg working at MMC on the neuro floor. I remember hearing this loud, pitchy voice, then seeing this tiny little body. "I am small but mighty". :) 

She is the one of the sweetest people I know! I know for a fact that if I needed to stay at her house, eat her food or need her advice, she'd be there. Hopefully Zack wouldn't mind me kicking it on the couch. (don't worry, I don't plan on leaving Tom EVER)

I loved the idea of Meg and Zack documenting their love throughout downtown Springfield. This town has such beautiful structure and Abe is ever so romantic. :) Hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I did! 



M&Z Engagement-3.jpg
 Sweet little Dana Thomas House

Sweet little Dana Thomas House

M&Z Engagement-7.jpg
M&Z Engagement-10.jpg
 The Old Vinegar Hill 

The Old Vinegar Hill 

M&Z Engagement-23.jpg
M&Z Engagement-29.jpg
 The State Capitol

The State Capitol

 What's up Abe?!

What's up Abe?!

M&Z Engagement-45.jpg
M&Z Engagement-47.jpg
 Near Lincoln's Home

Near Lincoln's Home

M&Z Engagement-57.jpg
M&Z Engagement-58.jpg
M&Z Engagement-64.jpg
M&Z Engagement-72.jpg
 The Old State Capitol

The Old State Capitol

M&Z Engagement-78.jpg
M&Z Engagement-79.jpg
M&Z Engagement-91.jpg

Styled Bridal Photoshoot

The day I have been waiting for with high anticipation finally arrived this past Saturday. The day of my styled bridal shoot graciously sponsored by Candice's Bridal in Springfield, IL. 

The models chosen are some of Tom and I's best friends, Dave and Amanda. We met them through Hope Church youth group. They were the perfect couple for the job due to being engaged and setting a date for May 2018. The fire and passion came easy to them, even kept all of us warm throughout the shoot. 

Another special part of the photoshoot is the fur coat Amanda wore. The coat was my Grandmother Ann's. She is the reason behind the name of Blue Willow Photography (more detail in my About section). Took a special woman to wear a special representation of my family. 

We were extremely blessed with the weather on Saturday, couldn't have asked for a better day. 

If you are a recently engaged bride and looking for a photographer for your special day, contact me through here, on my website. I'd love to see if we're a good fit and hear about all your excitement. 

Now booking 2018 weddings/engagement sessions. 

Styled Shoot_.jpg
Styled Shoot_-2.jpg
Styled Shoot_-3.jpg
Styled Shoot_-4.jpg
Styled Shoot_-7.jpg
Styled Shoot_-10.jpg
Styled Shoot_-12.jpg
Styled Shoot_-14.jpg
Styled Shoot_-18.jpg
Styled Shoot_-21.jpg
Styled Shoot_-22.jpg
Styled Shoot_-23.jpg
Styled Shoot_-27.jpg
Styled Shoot_-28.jpg
Styled Shoot_-29.jpg
Styled Shoot_-32.jpg
Styled Shoot_-35.jpg
Styled Shoot_-38.jpg
Styled Shoot_-41.jpg
Styled Shoot_-42.jpg
Styled Shoot_-45.jpg
Styled Shoot_-46.jpg
Styled Shoot_-48.jpg
Styled Shoot_-51.jpg
Styled Shoot_-52.jpg
Styled Shoot_-56.jpg
Styled Shoot_-57.jpg
Styled Shoot_-58.jpg
Styled Shoot_-62.jpg
Styled Shoot_-66.jpg
Styled Shoot_-68.jpg
Styled Shoot_-70.jpg
Styled Shoot_-71.jpg
Styled Shoot_-73.jpg
Styled Shoot_-74.jpg
Styled Shoot_-76.jpg
Styled Shoot_-79.jpg
Styled Shoot_-81.jpg
Styled Shoot_-83.jpg
Styled Shoot_-86.jpg


Models: David Lee and Amanda Trancoso

Set up/design crew: Tom Shoaff and Rylee Mills 

Dress and veil: Candice's Bridal in Springfield, IL. 

Table decor: Joann Fabric and Crafts

Location: Lincoln Memorial Gardens


Eric & Chelsa | Ballard Nature Center

This past weekend, we shot Eric & Chelsa's engagement photos in Altamont, IL. Their wedding is in June & I'm so excited to be their photographer. They are my first couple to book me for their wedding- what an honor. The wedding will be held at St Aloysius Catholic (Bishop) Church in Dieterich, IL. A popular place to have a ceremony and reception near Effingham, IL- many sacred vows spoken there. 

Chelsa has one of the sweetest, southern bell voices you have ever heard. Not only does she have a sweet sound to her voice, she has a sweet heart to match it. Can't forget about her sweet fiancé alongside her. This was my first time getting to know Eric. His brother is a friend of mine from high school, who actually referred them to me. (Thanks Kevin!) 

I would suggest popping champaign at every engagement session. Totally gets the couple out of their comfort zone, relaxes them, and gives everyone something to sip on throughout the session.

Because getting married is worth the celebration.  

E + C-4.jpg
E + C-8.jpg
E + C-9.jpg
E + C-13.jpg
E + C-17.jpg
E + C.jpg
E + C-23.jpg
E + C-27.jpg
E + C-30.jpg
E + C-40.jpg
E + C-46.jpg
E + C-50.jpg
E + C-60.jpg
E + C-69.jpg
E + C-74.jpg
E + C-78.jpg
E + C-80.jpg
E + C-83.jpg

The Rogers at Hidden Springs

Family sessions this season have been more than I expected. I am overwhelmed by the responses I have received and opportunities to meet new people. This season is one of my favorites. I have loved sharing every moment with you Blue Willow families out there. I recently had the opportunity to take my sister-in-law's family photos. 

Ara is the only grandchild so far on Tom's side of the family. She is one special girl. Loves demanding what songs for Alexa to play, mostly The Hot Dog Song. And if you're near, you best believe you're moving your booty as well. We might have had a break dance session during the photoshoot to avoid tears. Let me paint this picture for you; no phone service, therefore everyone singing a cappella, off beat, multiple tones, with Ara blantantly staring at us. Success. 

Ara is close to my heart because we share the same obsession for Obi. I brought him along for the session, however I didn't release the news of the special guest to Ara until the end of the session. He came full force from the trunk of my car to greet Ara. She wasn't having it, so their mini photoshoot had to wait until grandma and grandpa's. Her parents tell us she will occasionally walk around their home saying "Obi, Obi, Obi". Next thing we know is she's on FaceTime wanting to chat with Obi. 

The mommy/daddy photos Kendra and Zach have with Ara are my favorite. Precious memories to share for years to come. To bring out when Ara brings her first lover home. To bring out at high school and college graduation. To bring out the day of her wedding day. 

This is a special month for Kendra and Zach. We are reminded of their first meeting at a Halloween party in college. If I remember correctly, Zach was dressed up as a banana. Maybe we can have a reenactment this season. 

Go ahead and enjoy these images captured. 

PS: Shoutout to Aunt BB for mastering the snacks and keeping the little girl smiling. 

The Rogers-5.jpg
The Rogers-6.jpg
The Rogers-9.jpg
The Rogers-11.jpg
The Rogers-14.jpg
The Rogers-17.jpg
The Rogers-20.jpg
The Rogers-36.jpg
The Rogers-43.jpg
The Rogers-39.jpg
The Rogers-55.jpg
The Rogers-56.jpg
The Rogers-61.jpg
The Rogers-59.jpg
The Rogers-63.jpg
The Rogers-65.jpg

Hank + Johanna

I recently had the pleasure of taking Hank, Johanna & Rudy's photos this past Saturday at Eckert's family farm in Belleville. Johanna and I met in high school youth group, while Hank and I met through mutual friends. When they exited their car with Rudy leading the way, my face lit up. He was such a precious baby and behaved so well throughout the session. 


This session is one of my top favorites. The apple orchard had such a natural & light feel for the session. My favorite shot is Hank leading Johanna down the strip of apples. If only there was a table and chairs at the top of one of the isles. 


Christmas trees are one of my favorite things, so naturally I couldn't wait until we traveled down the farm. I could have spent all evening within those trees. I recently told a potential client that I would be content with Christmas trees on my walls all year long. The lighting was absolutely perfect and provided the perfect glow


The session was ended the most perfect way, bringing these two love birds back to their roots with the Effingham feel. Golden light reflected off of an Indian Summer pond surrounded by whimsical wheat. The perfect dance floor. 


Can't wait for more sessions with these two. Only if they promise to bring Rudy along. 


Kuddos to the hubs for babysitting Rudy while Mom & Dad had some alone time.