Bonneville Salt Flats Styled Elopement

This Utah styled elopement was a pure dream to be apart of and capture. The location, the details, the weather, the couple & the vendors were all amazing. It was so cool being able to work with other creators and artists in another state. It’s so honoring having them participate and help create this vision I had for the photoshoot, without me even knowing my entire vision.

The Bonneville Salt Flats should be on every adventurous person’s bucket list. This Midwest girl couldn’t get over that there’s a huge, wide, open space of just salt. Literally SALT. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit Tom and I tasted it :) Perfect for margs & taco Tuesday.

If you’re an adventurous bride & wanting to elope in Utah or any unique location, take me with you & I promise I’ll create romantic, initiate, authentic and raw moments you’ll remember forever. My dream is to capture an elopement this next year, so please reach out & let’s see what magic we can create together!

Huge thank you to the vendors who contributed. Couldn’t have done this without them! If you are in Utah - highly recommend these businesses!

Dress: Chantel Lauren Designs

Rug: The Boheme Project

Florals: BloomDCo Florals

Models: Travis & Becca Huber

Videography: Tom Shoaff

Hilary + Matt - St. Louis

“When the sun goes down
And the band won't play
I'll always remember us this way” - Lady Gaga from A Star Is Born

I’ve had that song on repeat since seeing the movie yesterday with my mama. PSA because I wasn’t warned until I was sitting in the theater seat, the movie will make you cry. That’s my only spoiler I’m giving away.

Hilary, Matt & I traveled to St. Louis last weekend for their session at Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was my first time at this location & I loved it. The location is hugeeeee so it was hard to figure out where I wanted to shoot. These guys were such troopers, especially Hilary, trucking around in her heels. I would have to say my favorite building here was the Temperate House. I fell in love with Arizona when we visited in April & this building was a mini Arizona experience.

After the session, we got some grub at The Rooster. A modern restaurant that serves breakfast all day long and is locally grown? Yeah, you’re good in my book. I am already itching to go back to this restaurant. So good.

If you’re a STL bride & wanting a different feel/style for your engagement & wedding photos, please inquire! I am always searching to photograph the most special memories for the most non-traditional bride. And I can promise some good grub afterwards :)



Nevin & Pat - State Park Engagement

This was first adventure engagement session & I’m obsessed. And addicted. These two were the perfect couple to travel up north to Matthiessen State Park last weekend for their photoshoot. The four of us, Tom included, made a whole day out of it.

On our way up, we stopped at a winery, that was unfortunately closed, so we proceeded to the park. We got lost. We had tons of laughs from the landmarks on the map that I imagined, like calling a piece of plywood a bridge. LOL Ohhh, memories. Thankfully, some really nice women riding horseback redirected us. I am thinking about creating a guide for Illinois photographers, because that was stressful.

Once we found our location, I think it’s safe to say we were all mesmerized. God’s nature is truly breathtaking and this location makes you feel like a tiny ant on this earth. It was such a nice day. 65 degrees, slight breeze, over cast skies. We weren’t the only ones who had the idea of experiencing the park. It was kinda really busy.

Once these two lovebirds quit making out, we eventually found the winery and indulged in two blocks of cheese, two bottles of wine and countless amount of crackers. Definitely not macro-friendly. LOL

I love traveling with my couples for their photoshoots. I love hearing every detail of their relationship and getting to become friends with them. It makes the wedding day so much easier and a lot more fun. I am already ready to head back to this place with my camera. Any takers?



Hank + Johanna - Urban & Rural Engagement

Last week I was honored to photograph Hank & Johanna's love for one another and they brought along a special guest. Rudy - their fur baby. I was able to have these three in front of my camera last fall (almost a year ago). I'm so thankful for the friendship we have built over the last year & how much I have learned with photography since then. 

Fur babies are always welcome at my photoshoots. I highly encourage it. I know my dog is part of me & I want my couples to be completely themselves. So bring the doggie! 

I am so excited for their wedding this coming May. Hank & Johanna are the type of people you can be completely yourself around. If they're laughing, they're laughing with you. They are encouraging and supporting of me as a person, an artist and of each other. We need more people like them. 

Their session was so easy. Because that's what their love is. Easy. It comes naturally for them, at least that's how I interpret their relationship. Congrats you two on your engagement! Can't wait to photograph your vows! 



H+J engaged.jpg
H+J engaged-7.jpg
H+J engaged-9.jpg
H+J engaged-17.jpg
H+J engaged-24.jpg
H+J engaged-25.jpg
H+J engaged-32.jpg
H+J engaged-37.jpg
H+J engaged-41.jpg
H+J engaged-51.jpg
 When you see your dog just simply existing.

When you see your dog just simply existing.

H+J engaged-58.jpg
H+J engaged-60.jpg
H+J engaged-62.jpg
H+J engaged-70.jpg
H+J engaged-73.jpg
H+J engaged-79.jpg
H+J engaged-88.jpg
H+J engaged-90.jpg
H+J engaged-94.jpg
H+J engaged-102.jpg
H+J engaged-107.jpg
H+J engaged-111.jpg
H+J engaged-118.jpg
H+J engaged-122.jpg
H+J engaged-121.jpg
H+J engaged-126.jpg
H+J engaged-131.jpg
H+J engaged-134.jpg
H+J engaged-138.jpg
H+J engaged-143.jpg
H+J engaged-147.jpg
H+J engaged-151.jpg
H+J engaged-154.jpg
H+J engaged-155.jpg
H+J engaged-167.jpg
H+J engaged-172.jpg
H+J engaged-176.jpg
H+J engaged-189.jpg
H+J engaged-193.jpg
H+J engaged-195.jpg
H+J engaged-200.jpg
H+J engaged-202.jpg
H+J engaged-204.jpg

Katelyn & Garth - Married

Sharing a few of my favorite frames from Katelyn & Garth's wedding a couple weekends ago. Their wedding was a small intimate, family oriented occasion in downtown Springfield. I love when I have couples that are from the town I'm living in and the venue is a few minutes from my house. Travel is amazing, but I love when I can devote my entire day to my couples & still maintain self care with a home-brewed cup of coffee in the morning. 

When I first met Katelyn & Garth, we instantly bonded over animals, specifically Dauschunds. I grew up with them and Katelyn has a dauschund named Bambi. From there, we got to know each other over coffee dates & really bonded. Getting to know my couples before the wedding day is very important to me. They become my friends & that makes documenting the most important day of their lives so enjoyable. 

When Katelyn and I were waiting at the salon for her name to be called, we talked about all the details of the wedding. You could see her excitement in her eyes. When referring to her hair, she said "I didn't want to be traditional". Those words were music to my ears.

I LOOOOVE non-traditional brides. Getting married in a field or on top of a mountain? I'm your girl. Having a first look or getting ready with your groom? Pick me. Only wanting a 6-hour intimate wedding? I've got you covered. 

Garth's wedding vows also included quotes from The Office, so there's that & that makes this my most favorite wedding to date. 

Enjoy these precious moments :) 

Klos Wedding-61.jpg
Klos Wedding-64.jpg
Klos Wedding-66.jpg
Klos Wedding-69.jpg
Klos Wedding-74.jpg
Klos Wedding-14.jpg
Klos Wedding-19.jpg
Klos Wedding-23.jpg
Klos Wedding-30.jpg
Klos Wedding-26.jpg
Klos Wedding-37.jpg
Klos Wedding-46.jpg
Klos Wedding-49.jpg
Klos Wedding-54.jpg
Klos Wedding-80.jpg
Klos Wedding-85.jpg
Klos Wedding-89.jpg
Klos Wedding-94.jpg
Klos Wedding-100.jpg
Klos Wedding-103.jpg
Klos Wedding-111.jpg
Klos Weddingg-2.jpg
Klos Weddingg-6.jpg
Klos Weddingg.jpg
Klos Wedding-115.jpg
Klos Wedding-153.jpg
Klos Wedding-155.jpg
Klos Weddingg-16.jpg
Klos Wedding-197.jpg
Klos Wedding-223.jpg
Klos Wedding-201.jpg
Klos Wedding-231.jpg
Klos Wedding-220.jpg
Klos Wedding-222.jpg
Klos Wedding-238.jpg
Klos Wedding-241.jpg
Klos Wedding-244.jpg
Klos Wedding-251.jpg
Klos Wedding-252.jpg
Klos Wedding-256.jpg
Klos Wedding-262.jpg
Klos Wedding-272.jpg
Klos Wedding-277.jpg
Klos Wedding-280.jpg
Klos Wedding-282.jpg
Klos Wedding-285.jpg
Klos Wedding-318.jpg
Klos Wedding-329.jpg
Klos Wedding-332.jpg
Klos Wedding-345.jpg
Klos Wedding-355.jpg
Klos Wedding-371.jpg
Klos Wedding-372.jpg
Klos Wedding-368.jpg