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PC: Astrid Johana Photography

PC: Astrid Johana Photography

WE are Tom & hannah shoaff - husband & wife, friends & dog parents. So glad you are here!

We have been married since August 2016 & boy, has it been a journey. We love to spend time together. From walking the dog, to sitting on the front porch & people watching, to listening to music on an easy Sunday morning. You can catch us dancing to live bands on the weekends or on your dance floor.

Our shooting style is very relaxed, natural and pure. We want to capture your day and your memories as they were - so when you look back on them years from now, you’ll instantly remember how you felt, how the flowers smelt & what song you danced too. This life goes by too fast, so we are here to help you remember every part!

We aren’t your traditional photo & video team. We avoid posed photos like the plague. We want you to feel something. Have raw emotion. Give us all of the candid images and shots.

Want to elope in the mountains? Yep - meet ya there!

Want to get married in a field? We’ll bring ya some water!

Want to have an engagement session in a warehouse? We are down!

Hug, kiss, laugh, dance, cry. Be YOU!

If this sounds like the type of photos you want to hang on your walls for years to come, click that little contact button and let's grab coffee together!